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The Complete Way of ISLAM

In the Name of Allah the merciful and compassionate

All praise belongs to Allah the Almighty who is the Rab of all the Universes. Allah is the one who makes the tongue speak, in order that the one who hears, opens his heart to the path that will lead to Allah. Blessings and salutations be upon His Beloved Mohammed Mustafa  the chosen one and his family and companions which is beyond numeration and encompasses all limits, without extremity, end or termination. May the blessing be in the way that, you Almighty conveyed your blessings upon them which is everlasting and praise be to Allah.

Quraan 2: 208: “Oh people of the faith enter fully into Islam and do not follow the footsteps of the shaitan no doubt he is your open enemy”.  Accordingly this verse was revealed in respect of Abdullah bin Salaam may Allah be pleased with him. Prior to embracing Islam he was a renowned Jewish Scholar and that was the reason he kept following some of the practices of the Jewish law, for example respecting Saturday and not fishing on that day. Refraining from camel’s meat and milk because in the Holy Torah these items were forbidden however in Islam they were permitted and not forbidden, in order to reform Abdullah bin Salaam and his colleagues it was ordered that they enter Islam completely and that the Jewish divine law has been suspended and that they should implement the Islamic Sheria. It would be inappropriate to be in keeping with the Jewish ways; this verse has a vast spiritual meaning.  

With regards to the complete way of Islam, general consensus is that if a person remains in a form of ablution, takes care of his prayers, Fasting, Hajj and Zakat. He fully complies with his moral obligations and takes care of the principles of halal and haram. He fulfils his social responsibilities. He refrains from unclean habits by adopting fine moral and social values in order to restore social justice. He takes actions against all kinds of evil. He will make sure he follows the path of his Beloved Mohammad   keeps his fasts during the day and spends his nights praying. As a consequence of his actions, he is considered to be completely within Islam.


In reality that is not the case. Islam is the following of physical and spiritual aspects of the Sharia. Our Beloved Mohammad  defines the kamil Sheria (Sheria Islamic Devine Law) is the tree, tariqaat (mystic way of life) are its branches, marifat (mystical Knowledge) its leaves and Haqiqat (Knowledge of Allah Almighty’s reality) is its fruits and the Quraan is the principle.

In the light of the above definitions of the complete Sharia, is that the above-mentioned actions are the branches of a tree. And it can not be called the tree at all because by performing all of the above rituals a person has still not fully entered Islam. In order to understand this definition we will need to look much deeper to achieve a complete understanding of this.

It is very important for a human being to acquire knowledge, according to Our Beloved Mohammed “Knowledge is, that which differentiates between humans and animals”.   “Acquire knowledge even if you have to travel to china”. Acquiring knowledge is compulsory for both Muslim men and women. Our Beloved Mohammed further said, “The one who has acquired knowledge for materialistic gains is an infidel, the one who has acquired for the sake of arguments is a hypocrite, and the one who has acquired knowledge for the sake of Allah Almighty is a true Muslim”.

There are two kinds of knowledge, one is practical knowledge and the other one is the knowledge of revelation (Mo Kasifa). The practical knowledge is to do with physical activities and this is acquired by education within a school. Whereas the knowledge of revelations is concerning with the inner actions or spirituality and this is acquired with the visual concentration of a Sheikh. The practical knowledge is education and the knowledge of revelation is persuasion. The practical knowledge is news, and the knowledge of revelation is divine light the shining of the heart.

The practical knowledge is delivered and propagated by scholars and the persuasion of knowledge of the revelation is the responsibility of a Sheikh. The dependency of the practical knowledge is on proofs and debates and the knowledge of revelation depends on visualisation. The proof of practical knowledge is its intellect and the demand of intellectuality is to criticize. Criticisms obviously create divisions and groups. The test for the knowledge is enlightening of the vision and therefore it is free from criticism, doubt and objections and it eliminates sectarian division.

The knowledge of revelation comes in three forms

  1. Tariqaat (Mystic way of life)
  2. Marifat (Mystic knowledge) and
  3. Haqiqat (Visual knowledge of Allah Almighty’s reality)

With the knowledge of Traiqat it opens the display of angelic world and the human being visualises symbols and attributes of Allah Almighty and he becomes familiar with angels he gets to know their names, their faces and their duties. 

The Knowledge of Marifat the display of Jabroot (sphere of Allah’s omnipotent) opens up and human being visualises symbols and attributes of Allah Almighty and he sees the level of angel Gabriel blessings be upon him, Janat-e-Firdoos, divine tablets, sidra-tul-munt’ha (the tree in heaven), level of implementation of fate, and he is able to speak to Allah Almighty.  

With the knowledge of Haqiqat (knowledge of Allah Almighty’s reality) universe of Lahoot (proximity of Allah Almighty) opens up where he sees La muqaam where he visualises the splendor of Almighty Allah. With the knowledge of reality the human nafs becomes satisfied (mut’ma innah). At the level of La Hoot he turns into Ruh a Qudsi (sacred soul) and immerses in Allah Almighty because at that level the human nature ceases to exist. His existence appears at the level of servitude (uboo dey yat) and enters the stage of providence. At this stage the human is walking, hearing, speaking, seeing, giving and taking are all for sake of Allah Almighty.

The Almighty Allah says in Hadith Qudsi, “When a person comes towards my closeness through nava fil (supererogation) and a time comes when I begin to love him and he becomes my beloved and I become his ears he listens with them, his eyes he sees with them, his hands he holds with them, his feet he walks with them, his tongue he talks with it.

Knowledge completes the faith and there are two conditions of the faith.

  1. Accept by declaration
  2. Certify it with your Qalb. If both of these conditions are fulfilled then faith become complete otherwise it remains incomplete.

For example if a person accepts Allah and his messenger and accepts the Islamic prectices to be true and accurate but he does not declare it with his tongue nor he adopts the Islamic principles and we will not be calling him a Muslim but he will be called an infidel. For the mere fact that apparent actions and declarations are of the obligations of the faith. If these obligations are absent, then where is the faith?

If a person declares his faith and he follows its actions but he denies it within his heart, he will be called a Munafiq (hypocrite). The heart will not be able to verify without visualization instead it will criticise. For the completion of the faith visualization is very important Allah Almighty states in the Holy Quran, Abraham requested “Oh my Rab let me see how you bring the dead back to life” Allah commanded “but do you not have faith in me” “Abraham requested but I would like to satisfy my heart” (because it(heart) will not accept without visualistation).

Allah Almighty further said, “The same way I made Abraham May peace and blessing be upon him visualise my sovereignty of the heavens and earth so that it perfects his belief”.

For the above verse it should never be taken that perhaps Hazrat Abraham’s heart didn’t verify it so his faith was not complete. The reason Allah Almighty made Hazrat Abraham May blessing be upon him visualise Allah’s sovereignty of heaven and earth so that it perfects his belief and he could achieve the contentment of his heart. Thoughts of this kind are infidel. The prophets are the bearers of naf’s-e mut ma’ inna (own inspiring self) and they have perfect faith from the beginning. This above statement is for us to understand that without visualisation ones faith cannot be perfected nor will one gain satisfaction within the heart. However formal education and visual actions are the confession of practical faith and the witnessing of the divinity and spiritual activity is the certification of the heart. If one leaves out certification or the confession then his faith will not be complete and therefore if the faith is incomplete, than where is the prosperity and salvation?

The astonishing element is that the people have abandoned the knowledge regarding witnessing the divinity and by doing so they have eliminated the need of certification of the heart. The result of this is that if you ask any devotee that although you perform your five daily prayers. The question is have you reaped it’s fruits?

Who is Leqa-a-Elahi (face to face with Allah Almighty) because of the saying of Prophet Mohammed narrated, “Prayer is mehraj for the mohmin” or it could be asked that when you recite “Elahi pious is your divinity”. How do you contemplate that Allah Almighty is in your heart. For example when you say “Peace be upon you Oh Prophet of Allah” do you see the Prophet or do you have any thoughts about them in your mind? Or when you say “Generous is my Rab the greatest” or “Magnificent is my Rub the supreme” do you get a reply from your Rub? “I am present my devotee” and the answer to this would be negative, even though Allah Almighty says, “When my devotee calls me I answer him”. When my devotee reaches towards me with one finger I reach out with a full hand, when he walks towards me I run towards him.

Does your Prayer prevent you from lying, eating haram, taking bribe, taking interest (Riba) and backbiting or complaining? Or has your prayer cleaned you from malice, temptation greed, arrogance, vanity, lust and love of the materialistic world and the answer to this will be negative despite the fact that Allah Almighty has stated in the Quraan, 41:30, “Verily, those who say “Our Lord is Allah (Alone) and then say stand firm, on them the Angels will descend (at the time of their death)(saying) “Fear not, nor grief! But receive glad tidings of paradise, which you have been promised!

It is because we have declaration of practical knowledge and physical action and we lack in spiritual education and mystic practices and there for our heart is not satisfied. Due to our inferior faith even with prayers and devotion we remain empty handed. We know Allah Almighty. However due to the lack of   knowledge of observation we cannot recognise his divinity. Therefore we have not reached the level of Ihsan (obligation). We need to remember that we need Allah Almighty and Allah Almighty does not need us!

Hazrat Sayed Sheikh Abdul Qadir May Allah Almighty be pleased with them him, “A person who cannot recognise the Allah Almighty how can one you pray to the Almighty”. Regarding the level of Ihsan. What is the level of Ihsan? This question was put forward to our Beloved Hazrat Mohammed  and he replied, “Ihsan is this, that when you perform your prayer by visualising Allah Almighty, it is that if you eliminate your existence (remove the veil from your ego) you will see His divinity and He will see you”.

We need to understand that Allah Almighty is the sustainer, but we don’t have confidence in his providence and we rely on our strength and efforts because we are deprived of observational knowledge although Allah Almighty stated in the Holy Quraan, 29:60, “And how many there are who move on the Earth that they have not their provisions with them, Allah Almighty is nearer to us then our juggler vain and because of the lack of observation we don’t refrain from evilness and vulgarity.

Hazrat Sayed Sheikh Abdul Qadir May Allah Almighty be pleased with them him, “According to scholars of practical knowledge in regards to human hygiene, humans has to maintain the body and clean in order to clean oneself from all sorts of dirt and filth, water is the component to carryout the task of washing and making ablution, dry ablution could also be made with dry soil, according to the scholars of observation, along with physical cleanliness the spiritual cleanliness is also compulsory. Spiritual cleanliness is obtained by repentance, purification of the heart (taz kia a qulb), the mystic path, includes intimate knowledge and the knowledge of reality. With vanity, arrogance, malice, jealousy the heart is not cleansed. By the external zikar of the names of divinity when the heart becomes sparkling clean and observation of (Marfiat e Lahia) mystic knowledge opens up and becomes clear.

The mystic knowledge of divinity (Marifat e zat) could be acquired by eternal contemplation of the last three names of divinity Lila, La hoo and Hoo. With the eternal zikar of these three names of divinity the eye of (secret) receives the vision from Allah Almighty. In such a way when illumination of divinity manifest then the human nature melts away and perishes. Actually the perishing of human nature is the true prosperity, because the splendor of elegance eliminates everything, because it is said; “everything else besides his divinity is perishable”. So the Rooh e Qudsi (the pious soul) which is from the divine zat remains with the divinity and splendor of the divine illumines without any hindrance. At that very point only actual exists and situation after that is the universe of contemplation and therefore nothing could be said about that. Over there your intellect dose not exist so that anything could be said, there is no other secret besides Allah Almighty. Such as our Beloved Hazrat Mohammed commanded, “I alone have the time and proximity of Allah, when no Arch Angel or Prophet (Rasool) could reach that state there”. This is state of solitude in it there is no space for other than Allah. The meaning of solitude is the complete annihilation of the attribute of the human nature and by adaptation of Attributes of Allah; one reaches the stage of immortality.

Our Beloved Mohammed Mustafa commanded, “Generate attributes of Allah Almighty within oneself”. However keeping your body and clothes clean is the cleanliness of the outer. Keeping the heart away from other than Allah Almighty and occupying it with the remembrance of Allah Almighty and teaching your limbs to obey the commands of Allah Almighty and refrain form backbiting, lies, cunningness, corruption, and dishonest. Keep your heart pure and away from bad habits such as greed, jealousy, arrogance, grudge and animosity and adopt pious habits for example greeting, patience, thankfulness, fear of Allah Almighty, repentance with love and hopefulness is the purification of the spirituality.

The outer purification is linked with the outer knowledge; whereas the purity of the soul is linked with knowledge by witnessing. Until you include the inner purification with the outer purity the purification is incomplete. When the purification is incomplete then the faith remains incomplete, it is said, “cleanliness is half of the faith” and when the faith is not complete how can it be successful. Like cleanliness in the components of the religion such as prayer, fasting, Hajj and Zakat the union of the practical knowledge and the knowledge by witnessing is the authentication of these actions.

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jelani blessings be upon him wrote, “The prayer according to the Islamic divine law (Sharia) was found in this command of Allah Almighty “take care of all of the prayers in particular the central prayer”. The prayer of Sheria is performed by the movements of the body such as standing, and reciting the Quraan aloud and quietly, takbir, bowing down, sitting and prostrating etc that is the reason Allah Almighty used the word “Salat” which is the plural of “Slawat” and the prayer of tariqat (spiritual prayer), is the prayer of the heart and it is performed all the time, Allah Almighty named it as Salaat ul Woosta (The central prayer) and it is defined as the prayer of the Qalb because the qalb is in the middle of the body in-between the left and right side and in the middle of the upper part of the body between prosperity and misfortune. Rasool Allah  said, “Verily Allah Almighty is holding the heart of the children of Adam in two of his fingers he turns the hearts to which ever direction he want” The meaning of two fingers is the two attributes of Allah Almighty grace and kindness.

The above quoted verses of the Quraan and the Hadith Mubarak it has become apparent that the real prayer is the prayer of the heart. When a human becomes negligent and his prayer becomes nullified and when the prayer of the heart is annulled then the visual prayer also becomes annulled and void. Rasool Allah stated that “without the presence of your heart the prayer becomes invalid” because the devotee praises Allah Almighty and pleads helplessly with humility. The place of supplication is the heart and if the heart is negligent and his spiritual prayer becomes invalid and if the spiritual prayer is nullified then the physical prayer will also be invalid, the sole reason is that the heart is the reality and the rest of the body is controlled by it. Rasool Allah said, “Verily there is a lump of meat in the children of Adam blessing be upon him, if that lump of meat is healthy the whole body will be healthy and if that is unhealthy then the body will be unhealthy and beware that lump is the heart”.

In accordance with the Sheria for the visual prayer there are five times prescribed during twenty four hours and the way of Sunna is to perform the prayer without pretension in the Mosque in congregation behind the Imam. Whereas the prayer of the tariqat (mystic path) is eternal and that means that the whole of the life is needed for it. In this prayer the heart is the mosque, congregation is its entire spiritual capacities collectively remaining in the zikar of Ism e Allah spiritually, his divine love and passion is his imam and Allah Almighty’s illumination is his Qibla. The heart and the soul remain in eternal prayer. The heart doesn’t sleep nor it dies instead it remains in prayer during sleeping or awakening. The Qibla prayer can be achieved by the revival of the heart. There is no sound or actions in that prayer but by following Rasool Allah  the heart calls upon Allah Almighty by saying “we worship You and we beg for Your help and mercy”.

In the tafseer Qazi the above verse is pointing towards mystical situation of Arif (mystical knowledge) his inner veils are removed and he visualises the presence in the Court of Allah Almighty. By visualising Zat e Haq he requests in the Holy Court off Allah Almighty spiritually “we worship You and we beg You for Your help and Your mercy” and he is accounted among the trusted friends of Allah Almighty. Rasool Allah  says; “Prophets and the friends of Allah perform their prayers in their graves as they prayed in their homes” ie they remain praising Allah Almighty with their living heart. When the physical prayer and spiritual prayer are united then the prayer is complete and he is greatly rewarded by Allah Almighty with proximity and in heaven with elevation in physical stages. A devotee of this kind is apparently a pious devotee and spiritually is an Arif. If a devotee is unable to acquire living qalb it is because he could not unite the physical and spiritual prayer and his prayer remains inferior but he will still be rewarded with the stages in heaven but not the proximity of Allah Almighty. (Secret of the secrets) “He will surly be rewarded with levels in heaven but he will not acquire the proximity to Allah Almighty.

Although the prayer that is acquired with the practical knowledge is not united with the prayer by witnessing the knowledge such prayers will become invalid and in regards to such prayers Rasool Allah said;

  1. So many people besides sorrow and pain they don’t receive anything else because they only perform physical prayer and their hearts remain negligent.
  2. So many people perform their prayer but only sixth or tenth of their prayer is validated because the only part of Islam is validated is that which your heart is present.
  3. Perform your prayer in such a manner as if you are saying farewell to someone. You are actually saying farewell to your nafs through prayer.
  4. Such a person(s) whose prayer don’t prevent his from vulgarity and abusiveness his prayer has not benefited him instead he further distances himself from Allah Almighty.

Hazrat Hassan Basri Allah be pleased with him said; “The prayer in which the heart is not present it is closer to punishment”. However Imam Abu Hanifah, and Imam Shafi blessing be upon them and other scholars have passed their Fatwa that prayer is accepted if a person is present at the first takbeer but this fatwa is given due to the need of the time because people were terribly engrossed in the negligence. Here the mention of acceptance of the prayer is that a person is spared from the implication of the law of Sharia, otherwise provision for the hereafter is the section of prayer in which the heart was present.

Islam’s third principle “fasting” has a visual and a spiritual aspect and until the visual and spiritual are not united the fasting will remian unacceptable. Regarding the subject of fasting Sheikh Sayed Abdul Qader Jelani (RA) said “fasting is of two kinds, one of Sheria and the other of tariqat (mystical). The fasting according to Sheria is to refrain during the day from dawn to dusk from eating, drinking and sexual activities but the fasting of tariqat is that a person has to prevent oneself visually and spiritually form all that is forbidden and disallowed by the Sharia during the day and during the night for the rest of his life and if he undertakes any of the forbidden tasks then his fast of tariqat will be void.” Rasool Allah said; “many of those who fast don’t achieve anything other then thirst and hunger”.

It is further said; “Many fasting persons who open their fast and there are many who are still in a state of fasting even after opening their fast” such as there are many people fasting who refrain from eating and drinking but don’t stop indulging in bad deeds, there is no reward for them for their fasting. Actually the person who keeps his fast and refrains from bad deeds and doesn’t harass anyone is the one who succeeds in the path that will lead straight to Allah Almighty. In the Hadith Qudsi; “The fast is for me and I am its reward”.

The saying of Rasool Allah ; “There are two kinds of happiness for those observers of the fast, one is at the time of ending the fast and the other is the Eid”. According to the Sheria iftar means the time of dusk and seeing the lunar means Eid. Whereas Ale tariqat are saying that iftar means entering heaven and ending that fast with the food from heaven and Eid will be visualising the splendor of Allah Almighty, which will be seen on the day of judgment with the naked eyes. May Allah Almighty grant us the visualisation of His illumines.       

The fast of reality (Haqiqat) means that you get rid of everything else other then Allah Almighty from your heart and keep your secret vision clear from seeing other then Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty commands in Hadith Qudsi; “Human is my secret and I am his secret”. So the secret with illumines of Allah, cannot mix with other than Allah for him in this universe and in the hereafter there isn’t anything most dear and desirable then Zat e Elahi. If he falls in (Haqiqat) will become sinful. The compensation for the fast of Haqiqat is to abandon any love other then the love for Allah Almighty and generate the love and desire in the heart for Zat e Elahi (Suratul Israr 171-175).

Regarding spiritual fasting Imam Ghazali (RA) writes; “Besides the remembrance of Allah Almighty purify your heart from all other concerns and present yourself to Allah and besides remembering Allah observe fast from everything else, ie take out everything else from your heart besides Allah Almighty. However in general you’re fast is not broken, but if you are gaining spirituality then your fast will be broken. However if your involvement is to help in religious matters then the fast remains because that would not be seen as worldly matters, if such a fast observer thinks during the day that what he will be ending the fast with this will be endorsed as his sin. This is because Allah Almighty has promised him that he will provide him with food and he fails to rely on Allah Almighty.

Islam’s fourth principle Zakat has its apparent and inner regarding Zakat, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jelani RA says; “Zakat of tariqat. Zakat in the Sheria and the other type of Zakat is Zakat of tariqat. Zakat Sheria is that one who has to pay Zakat when his earning reaches the limit where Zakat becomes obligatory and it is to be distributed to the needy people at certain times of the year. However Zakat of the tariqat is that the earning of hereafter is distributed and provided to the seekers on the path that will lead to Allah Almighty. Those who do not have any deeds for the hereafter and truly unfortunate, because we got to understand that this life is but a train stop away from our real destination. The hereafter should be our through aim and we should set goals and aim high. In the Quraan Zakat is classified as Sadqa (charity) “verily charity if for distribution to the destitute”. Before the charity reaches the destitute it reaches the hand of Allah Almighty. It has meant that the charity has been honored with acceptance from Allah Almighty and that Zakat has eternal reward “conveying rewards of the virtue”. When rewards of virtues are conveyed in favour of the sinner for the pleasure of Allah Almighty from the deeds for the hereafter he is left without any deeds for himself and he becomes a pauper. Regarding the pauper Rasool Allah said that “such a pauper is in the mercy of Allah Almighty in both worlds”. Allah Almighty pardons those for whom the award was conveyed for. The person who has awarded the virtue of the deeds has nothing left for himself. Therefore he becomes a pauper. Regarding the pauper the edict of Rasool Allah upon him is that “the pauper is in the protection of Allah Almighty in both worlds”.

Hazrat Rabia Basri RA says “Oh Allah give my share of the worldly wealth to the infidels and give my portion in the hereafter to the devotees. In this world I don’t want anything besides your Zikar and in the hereafter I am cherished of your visualisation”. So whosoever has entrusted his soul and his wealth for the sake of his Rab on the Day of Judgment Allah Almighty will reward him ten deeds for each one of his deeds. The purpose of the spiritual Zakat is that it purifies the Qalb from the selfish tendencies.

Allah Almighty commands “Is there anyone who would like to give interest free loan to Allah Almighty so that Allah Almighty could increases it for him”. Allah almighty further commands that “Verily he has reached his objective he who has purified his nafs from bad deeds”. It is regarded here as giving charity with pious deeds for the pleasure of Allah Almighty without placing the burden of obligation. “Don’t invalidate your charity by causing pain with burden of obligation”. Don’t ask for worldly good in exchange for your charity otherwise your charity will be wasted. With such conscientious is the true expenditure on the path of Allah Almighty. Regarding this the command of Allah Almighty is “you will never reach prosperity until you don’t spend your most Cherished thing on the path of Almighty Allah
(Ser ul Israr 167-171).      

Imam Ghazali RA wrote that, like salaat the Zakat has a figure and soul. A person who is unaware of the soul infects his Zakat and will be like a figure without a soul. There are three secrets of Zakat. Firstly appoint the public for the love of Allah Almighty and there isn’t any Muslim who doesn’t claim that he loves Allah Almighty. Its actual meaning is that for devotee pious Muslim there shouldn’t be anything more dearer then Almighty Allah. It’s mentioned in the Holy Quraan. “Oh my beloved prophet says that if you’re fathers, your children, your wives, your family, your earned wealth and other property and your merchandise of which you fear of its loss and your cherished houses are far dearer to you then seeking the path of Allah Almighty and his Prophets then imagine when Allah Almighty commands his punishment. The punishment you gain will be due to your own actions and deeds. Allah doesn’t give guidance to the disobedient transgressor”.

There isn’t any devotee who doesn’t claim that he takes anything else to be dearer to him other than Allah Almighty and believes that in reality he acts upon it. Therefore there arises a need for the proof for their claim. So that everyone doesn’t become proud over their worthless claim. The wealth and property is one of the cherished factors for everyone and therefore one is tested with it. “If you are truthful in your claim of divine love then for the friendship of Allah Almighty prove it by scarifying this dearest component. So those who have recognised these secrets are divided into three groups. One of them is of the truthful. What ever they had they sacrificed in the path of Allah Almighty and they said that giving five dirham from two hundred dirham is the action of stingy people. It is necessary for us to sacrifice everything we have for the friendship of Allah Almighty.

Hazrat Abu Bakar Saddique blessing be upon him had carried along with him everything he owned. When questioned by the Holy Prophet “what have you left for your wife and children” the reply came, Allah Almighty and his Rasool. Also Hazrat Umar Farooq blessing be upon him who brought half and when asked, “What have you left for your wife and children” the reply was that that the same amount that I brought here. Rasool Allah stated that, “ In your status is the same difference as it is in your words”.

The other group of people don’t spend all at once nor they have such ability but they keep a look out regarding the needs of the paupers and they lay in wait for their need to arise. They are constantly giving charity one way or another and more so they consider themselves as one of the dervish. They don’t only rely on Zakat but if a dervish turns up at their house they would treat them like member of their family. There is another group of people who don’t have such ability so that they could pay the prescribed amount of Zakat that is due. They don’t rely on the payment of Zakat but they pay their due Zakat with joy and they don’t place any burdens upon the dervishes of any kind, although this is the lowest level among those who pay Zakat.

The person whom Allah Almighty has made allegeable to contribute towards Zakat but his heart wouldn’t allow him to pay five dirham out of two hundred on the path of Allah Almighty. He doesn’t have any share in the friendship and divine love. He is absolutely deprived from the love of Allah Almighty. Generally the one who cannot give more then the prescribed amount of Zakat on the path of Allah Almighty his friendship with Allah Almighty is very weak and he is most parsimonious person among the friends of Allah almighty. The other secret of the Zakat is that it purifies the heart from the filth of parsimony because having parsimony in the heart is dirt that will not let him be eligible for the closeness of Allah Almighty. The heart will not be pure of parsimony until he spends his wealth on the path of Allah Almighty. The Zakat takes out the filth of parsimony as water would clean the visual filth.

The third secret of the Zakat is to learn to be thankful. That is the cause of comfort for the Muslims here and in the hereafter the same as the performance of Salaat, fasting and Hajj is the physical thanksgiving for the physical grace. That payment of Zakat is the thanksgiving for the wealth Allah has given them. When a pious devotee finds himself independent due to this mercy and he sees another devotee like himself in the state of destitution then he should say to himself that “that he is a devotee of Allah Almighty like me and thanks to Almighty Allah who has made me self sufficient and you have made him my dependent, why shouldn’t I treat him kindly perhaps this might be my test and if I haven’t reached that standard then Allah Almighty could turn the situation and put me in his position and him in mine. Therefore it is important for everyone to recognise these secrets of Zakat.

Islam’s fifth principal is Hajj that has its visual figures and a spiritual figure, regarding this Ghaus ul azam Sheikh Sayed Abdul Qader Jelani blessing be upon him said, “One Hajj is a Sheria, the second is mystical. Hajj of Sheria is performed with conditions and rituals until the reward of hajj is accomplished. If any fault occurs in any of the hajj conditions during the performance of hajj then the reward for hajj will be inferior and the hajj will become invalid. The command of Allah Almighty is that, “A complete hajj and Umra is for the pleasure of Allah Almighty”. The conditions of hajj are.

  1. Wearing the Ihram
  2. Entering Makkah
  3. First time encircling the Kabba
  4. Staying at Arafat
  5. Staying the night at Muzdalifah
  6. Sacrificing at Mina
  7. Entering the bait al haram
  8. Encircling the Kabba seven times
  9. Drinking of Zam Zam water
  10. Performing two nawafils at the Muqam a Ibrahim is necessary after the tawaf.

After the sacrifice of Nafs mut ma’hina (satisfied nafs) the head is shaved but for the hajj of triqat (mystical path) it means that Ruh ul Qadsi (the pious soul) has to be purified from the physical qualities with the eternal Zikr of the eight principal. After that he enters the Haraam with eternal Zikr at that stage one observes those who are in a state of itiqaf with his enlightened vision. Then he engages in the tenth principal of eternal Zikr performing the itiqaf (confined oneself within the mosque) at that stage of closeness to the divine love of Almighty Allah without any hindrance or reassurance. Then he endeavors in continuation of eternal Zikr of the eleventh principal and the sixth Ism faroat and adopts its compulsion and completes the Hajj of the mystical path. That is a physical Hajj tawaf of the Kabah seven times.

Then at that level of closeness the twelfth principal, he consumes the Sharab un tahoora (the purified drink) from Allah Almighty. Regarding this Allah commands in the Holy Quraan “Our sustainer has given us the pure drink” with it the Veil from the Hajj (where he would see Allah Almighty and himself as two) if he only sees Allah Almighty and not himself than he views the Noor of Allah Almighty. He hears the conversation of Allah the Almighty without sound or any accessory. He has his bad deed turned into good deeds with the recitation of the names of Allah Almighty’s oneness. Allah Almighty describes in the Holy Quraan “He who has repented and embraced the faith and embarked on good deeds Allah Almighty will turn their bad deeds into good deeds”. Then those things that were prohibited for his naffs would become permissible. Then he will be relieved from the tricks of ones naffs and will not have any fears or sadness as Allah Almighty commands “be aware that friends of Allah have no fear or sadness”. May Allah Almighty grant us such a bountiful state: Ameen.

Now he performs the main tawaf which includes the repetitive Zikar of all of the divine attributes of Allah Almighty. Then he adopts the twelfth principal of ism’s eternal Zikar and he turns to his original homeland pious universe meaning Alm-e-Lahoot, where Allah Almighty has created the beautiful taqveem (features) the above explanations are those which could be accepted by the intellect and they could be spoken about with the tongue. But that matter is beyond explanation and that could not be spoken about because it is beyond imagination and beyond the human intellect. Rasool Allah  narrated “verily there is one such knowledge that has been kept concealed and only scholars along with Allah Almighty know about it” When they speak about that knowledge the people if integrity don’t deny it. The Arif reaches the depth of knowledge and his conversation is according to his own situation. Whereas the scholar only has the surface knowledge and he will speck at his level of knowledge. The Arif’s knowledge is a secret of Allah Almighty which could not be known other than to Allah. Allah Almighty commands “they will only acquire from his knowledge the amount of knowledge he bestows on them”. There are Prophets and friends of Allah Almighty who have been honored with this knowledge.

Without doubt Allah Almighty knows the secrets and the secrets of the secrets. Regarding the debate about physical aspects of Hajj and the spiritual aspects Imam Ghazali RA states “humans are created in such a manner that until they relinquish there rights in the favour of Allah Almighty they will not be able to reach the ultimate success. In utilization ones power to follow ones nafs will result in his demise because when a person uses his rights to satisfy his nafs none of his actions will be according to the Islamic Sheria the Devin law. In a matter of fact his actions are in accordance and compatibility with his nafs and none of his acts are like a devotee. That was the reason the previous Ummah were ordered to adopt monasticism. They would go up to the mountains and immerse in mystical exercises and practices. Rasool Allah  was asked “why done we have traveling and monasticism in our faith”. Rasool Allah replied “Instead we have been ordered to perform Hajj and resort to jihad, (not political jihad where innocent defenseless people are being butchered). May Allah guide us all.

Allah Almighty has ordered the Ummah to perform Hajj instead of monasticism for the reason that its purpose was mystical practice. The other factor is that Allah Almighty has linked the Holy Kabah with His divine self and Allah defined it surroundings sacred. Hunting and chopping trees were forbidden. People come from all ends of the world to visit the Holly Kabah. That is the reason that those who fall in love with Allah Almighty will also love the holly Kabah. They leave their friends and family and travel through all kinds of difficulties in-order to view the holly Kabba with passion and desire in the heart.

Within Hajj people are ordered to carryout such practices that the intellect fails to grasp. For example what would the intellect make of throwing pebbles and running between mounts Safa and Marwa, or what is the meaning of it? The fact is that anything that is understood by the intellect has a connection with the nafs. The ultimate devotion is that the devotee abides by the command of Allah Almighty whether he understands it or not. Thus throwing pebbles and performing Saie between Safa and Marwa are actions that are carried out without any hesitation.  Therefore from Hajj one acquires such training that the devotee has to be in the presence of Allah Almighty therefore he only desires Allah Almighty. Ones nature and intellect have no part to play in his obeying Allah Almighty’s commands (this is the chemistry of success).

If we look at ourselves with a fair eye we will learn to understand that we carry merely the shell of Islam and our souls are hollow. Our piety and practices are all to decorate our outer shell whereas our salvation and success in both worlds depends on our cleanliness of our inner self. We make ourselves unaware of the hollowness of our souls because our intellect refuses to believe.

Sultan ul Arfeen Hazrat Sultan Bahoo Blessings be upon him says “It is not compulsory to acquire knowledge besides the (Fard) obligatory, (Wajib) necessary, sunna and desirable (mustahab) but after refraining from sin and keeping oneself pure from greed, jealousy and arrogance reaching the Marifat of Allah Almighty is strictly obligatory. Some learned scholars deliver sermons to the public but spiritually they are slaves of their own nafs and therefore they are deprived from marifat of Allah Almighty.

Sheikh Sayed Abdul Qadir Jelani my Allah be pleased with him says “We have two kinds of knowledge descended upon us one is the apparent and the other is the spiritual. Such as the divine knowledge and mystical knowledge. The order of divine law is for our outer and the order of the Marifat is for our (inner) spirituality. When both of these are together then it is transpired into Haqiqat (divine reality) and merely by visual knowledge haqiqat couldn’t be achieved nor could he reach his destination. You need to follow Rasool Allah path and that path will lead to Allah Almighty.

Due to naivety of our inner we often indulge in pleading to Allah Almighty however we should try to show patience. Yet what ever we are encountering in this world is our destiny destined by Allah Almighty. When a person wants to bring any alterations to his fate then that means that he opposes the destiny that is prescribed which is the path that leads to Allah Almighty. It seems the reason for consistent plea’s to Allah Almighty. The person who objects to the will of Allah Almighty how he can be a pious Muslim? Hazrat Ghous Al Azam blessing be upon him says “Objecting to the revelation of the destiny is the death of faith, death of monotheism, death of faith and sincerity in Allah Almighty. The Qalb of the devotee is absent of the word “why and how” he doesn’t know “but”. His word is “Yes”. That he is in agreement with his destiny and therefore he doesn’t express any opinions or remarks. At the time of being thrown into the fire of Nimrod all kinds of creatures came to Hazrat Ibrahim blessing be upon him and offered their assistance but Hazrat Ibrahim blessing be upon him replied “I don’t need your help Allah Almighty is aware of my situation and due to that I don’t have the desire to make any requests” so when the faith and acceptance is perfected then the fire was ordered “Become cool for Ibrahim”.

The person who accepts his fate destined by Allah Almighty and adopts patience. Allah Almighty helps one in this life and the next. Allah Almighty commands “people with patience will be rewarded fully and numerously”. Nothing is hidden from Allah Almighty. A moment’s patience is gallantry, patience is virtue. It is important that one reforms his heart because when the heart is reformed than the entire situation will be set itself right. The Heart is like a bird and the human body is like a cage, such as a pearl in a shell. The importance is the bird not the cage, meaning the heart is more important then the outer shell the body. Oh Allah occupy our limbs in Your worship and our hearts in Your Marifat and include us among our pious ancestors, honour us with whatever You have awarded them and be ours as You were theirs. If you want to become close to Allah Almighty then worship Him.

Those who become devotees have obtained their objective from piety and then they become a talib of the hereafter and adopt good deeds. Firstly they informed themselves and then they informed others, meaning firstly counsel your nafs and then counsel others. In particular make yourself absolutely responsible of reforming your nafs. It is sad that we say we are obeying Allah Almighty but really we are obeying are nafs. If we truly loved Allah Almighty then we would feed our bodies the love of Allah Almighty and His Beloved Rasool Allah . a pious Muslim would not obey his nafs, shaitan or his desires. He doesn’t even know the shaitan so how could he obey him. He also doesn’t care about the people than how could he be humiliated. In-fact he disregards the material things and that makes him a talib of the hereafter, and after he has achieved the hereafter he abandons it and creates attachment with his creator Allah Almighty, then he constantly with Allah Almighty and solely praying all the time with every breath that exists the body.

Oh people take patience as a pillow and wrap the scarf of acceptance and pray while waiting for prosperity and sleep beneath the drain pipe of your destiny. When you do such then the owner of destiny will shower his grace and bounty upon you. Strive to Allah Almighty that is your true abode. Oh people bow your visual and spiritual heads in front of Allah Almighty, your destiny is what you make of it. Drinking from the river of his knowledge, eating the food of his mercy. Oh people understand the necessity of piety, restrict your selves from your nafs greed, shaitan and bad company. You need to remember that Allah Almighty is watching you at all times. Generally people’s destruction is due to them being led astray and destruction of ascetic is due to the desires of their nafs. The callers to Allah Almighty are standing at the point of invitation where they invite the public towards Allah Almighty. They are always calling their qalbs and they say “Oh qalbs, Oh souls, Oh humans, Oh jinns, Oh desirer of the king! Walk towards the royal doorstep jump towards that direction with the feet of your qalb, piety, monotheism, Marifat and prayers. This is the leisure of those people; their stamina is occupied with reforming the people. Oh people become the earth beneath the feet of those exalted people, become like dust in-front of them. The faithful person is alive and the infidel is dead. The reason he is dead is because he disobeyed Allah Almighty. Don’t sit or associate your self with hypocrites, liars and the great deceivers, if you do it will be your loss. So do not give in to your nafs they will deceive you and take you away from Allah Almighty.

Oppose your nafs and do not agree with it, capture it don’t let it free, beat it with religious actions, and ride over your desires before they ride over you. Don’t compromise with your habits (nafs). Oh the children of Adam may peace and blessing be upon him, place the worldly matters and the hereafter at one location and vacate your heart from them and become a devotee of your sustainer Allah Almighty. Don’t move away from your creator and have yourself imprisoned with the creation. Don’t support your nafs, worldly materialistic factors and don’t run after anyone other than Allah Almighty that is when you will gain an everlasting treasure and you will access such guidance from Allah Almighty. Repent from your sins and run towards Allah Almighty, Allah is truly merciful. When you repent your outer and inner should embark upon repentance stimulatingly and sincerely, be ashamed of your actions.

There is a deed of the body and deed of the qalb. When the qalb enters bewilderedness of provisions and creations then you must leave the provisions and become the talib of the provider and creator of the provisions. Ride over the ocean of Marifat of Allah Almighty and when you reach the middle of the ocean and you say “He is the one who will show me the path and He is the one who has created me”, than one receives the guidance from one coast to another, from one location to another until he is on the straight path. So when he remembers his Rab his path is illuminated. The qalb of the talib leaves the traveled distance behind and when he encounters fear of death, his faith emerges and makes him courageous and with it any flame of fear and terrors gets extinguished and they are replaced with the pleasure of familiarity and Noor of closeness to Allah Almighty. Oh people when you suffer any illness greet it with the hand of patience, remain calm until its antidote arrives and when the medicine arrives then greet it with the hand of thanks giving. Allah Almighty never burdens you with more then you can handle.

Oh people your worry should not be that what you are going to eat, drink, wear, who you will be married to, where you are going to sleep, all of these factors are anxiety, the anxiety of your inner such desire (nafs). Whatever you abandon in this world for the sake of Allah Almighty, Allah Almighty will provide you with better alternative in the hereafter. You need to take everyday as it comes and imagine that it is your last day, what have you prepared for the next life the eternal life?

You always take Allah Almighty to be your beloved when you are in a state of great blessings but in times of difficulties you run away from Allah Almighty, as if He Almighty was never your Beloved. How ungrateful are we Allah turns towards us with open arms and we turn our backs towards Him Almighty. This life is merely a test. Therefore when a calamity comes from Allah Almighty then remain calm. A person came to our Beloved Rasool Allah and said “Hazoor I love you” Prophet Mohammed replied “then get ready to embrace Faqr all over yourself”. Another person cam and said “I Love Allah Almighty” then the reply came “Get prepared for calamities in all walks of life”. The Love of Allah Almighty and His Prophet Mohammed is conditioned with Faqr and calamities. Remaining firm and obtaining calamities is the symbol of Love of Allah Almighty and His Rasool. Oh Allah grants us your closeness and unification in this world and keep us in your closeness and unification in the hereafter and prevent us from entering the fire (Ameen).

Religion, faith cannot be accomplished until physical knowledge and actions and mystical knowledge are not collectively adopted. If the physical and the mystical knowledge are ignored then the religion becomes incomplete and everything will become nullified and useless. We need to look deep within ourselves and observe ourselves, have we fully entered Islam? Have we ignored the physical and spiritual aspects and left our faith incomplete? If we have incomplete faith then this is the time to change, you never know when your last breath will leave your body. It is time to realize reality we are in loss and anyone who has realized this loss, and then it is time to make up for that loss. If you want to make up the loss and wish to complete your religion then come along to join Islahi Jamaat and in order to take this pious mission to its accomplishment prove to yourself that you can and will overcome your nafs, if you can not overcome your nafs, your nafs will lead to away from the path that will lead straight to Allah Almighty. Hazoor blessing and salutations be upon him narrated, “An infidel is a person who is following his nafs and has expectations of Allah Almighty’s Forgiveness”. Allah Almighty is most merciful and forgiving, however you need to turn to Allah Almighty and repent from deep within yourselves, your body and your soul need to work together to gain closeness to Allah Almighty.

Ya Allah Almighty please I beg your forgiveness, keep us under your protection accept our repentance, purify our tongues. Let us walk under the banner of our Beloved Hazrat Mohammed on the Day of Judgment, let the banner be a shade for us on the Day of resurrection and grant us the ability to enter Islam fully. Ameen